Seabrook Island Amenities

Amenity access to the Seabrook Island Club is available IF the property owner holds a Seabrook Island Club membership. All SEABROOK guests have access to the Lake House, with pools and gym facilities, with an additional fee. Daily, weekly, and monthly passes are available.

An amenity card is required to use the Seabrook Island Club, including the Beach Club pools, two golf courses, tennis center, and clubhouse dining. If your property includes the amenity card access in your reservation it will be clearly advertised in the unit description.

If your property does not include the amenity fee it will be your responsibility to pay for access to the Club. It will be clearly stated in the unit description that the property does not include the amenity fee. We will provide an application for you to complete and send it to the Club Amenity Office. No refunds, discounts, or other considerations will be made for amenity access or lack thereof.

If you are unsure if the amenity fee is included in this rate quote please contact Seabrook Exclusives. Once a reservation is confirmed with a contract no discounts, property switches or other compensation will be offered.

All charges accrued by Guest as a result of amenity use, as well as any refunds due to Guest for amenity use, are managed by and the sole responsibility of the Club at Seabrook Island. The agent is not affiliated with and has no control over Seabrook Island Club, SIPOA, or any amenities. The agent has no control over, is not responsible for any untimely construction, amenity hours of operation, or amenity closures. The agent does not guarantee the availability of amenities or area activities (ex. beach, golf, tennis, pools, restaurants, retail stores, etc.). No refunds or discounts will be offered due to the unavailability of amenities, amenity closures, or unavailability of area activities.